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Under protection of Russian shrines. Tsar’s Cross procession around Moscow region

Under protection of Russian shrines. Tsar’s Cross procession around Moscow region
Under protection of Russian shrines. Tsar’s Cross procession around Moscow region
Under protection of Russian shrines. Tsar’s Cross procession around Moscow region
On July 9, 2020, on the day of celebration of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God with the blessing of Shiarchimandrite Elijah (Nozdrin), the confessor of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, began at night Tsar's Cross procession around the Moscow region along the "Moscow Small Ring" (350 km) with the miracle-working myrrh streaming Icon of the Holy Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II and with other sacred Icons.
“Processions with the Cross are performed in order to sanctify people and everything that is necessary for them in life: houses, ways, water, air and the very earth, as trampled and defiled by the feet of sinners. All this is for the inhabited cities and towns, and the whole country to have become part of the Divine Grace, rejecting from themselves everything destructive and pernicious” (Tablets).
In our time, with the blessing of authoritative clergymen, there are also many cross processions and cross flights with icons and prayers with the same goals.
Let's remind to our readers that the prototype of the Moscow myrrh-streaming Icon of the Martyr Tsar was painted in 1996 in the USA, in California by the icon painter Pavel Tikhomirov commissioned by the founder of the “Society of Adherents of the Nobility”. The Emperor is depicted in sacred coronation garments, with a cross on his chest and signs of Tsar’s dignity - with the Scepter and the Power in his hands. In the upper corners of the Icon there is a mark with the images of the saintly righteous Job the Long Suffering, on the day of whose memory the Emperor was born on May 6/19, 1868, and Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, in whose honor he was baptized. Below is the signature: "This holy Icon was painted for the glorification of the Martyr Tsar in Russia" (Tsar Passion-bearers were glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in 1981, and by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000).
In 1997, colored lithographs of the Icon were brought from the U.S. to Russia and dispersed among orthodox parishes and families. One of them, presented to the Moscow surgeon Oleg Belchenko, exuded the myrrh on the day of the anniversary of the October State Coup at November 7, 1998. Since then, the fragrant myrrh has begun to flow constantly from the image. The fragrance and myrrh stream from the Icon especially strong on the memorable days of the Tsar family. Miro often stream not only from the Icon, but also over the glass of the kiot.
In the 1990s, the Icon of the Emperor, which had not yet been canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, was brought to many churches with the blessing Elders: the confessor of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Archimandrite Kirill (Pavlov), Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov from the island Talabsk.
In 1999, with the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, Icon of the Tsar-Martyr took part in the cross flight procession along the perimeter of the borders of the former Russian Empire.

The Icon was brought to more than fifty dioceses and a number of countries - Germany, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, France, Montenegro and Greece, The healing of people from various diseases, cancer and the resolution of complex life situations was connected with the miraculous Icon. Documentary films have been shot and books have been published about the holy image. In recent years, the Icon has been in Russia and is kept by representatives of the Military Orthodox Mission.
In the cross procession around the Moscow region together with the miraculous myrrh- streaming Icon of the Holy Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II, there was also a copy of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God, which belonged to the editorial office of the newspaper “Rus Derzhavnaya”. This Icon repeatedly streamed myrrh showed help and intercession through the prayers.
Let us recall Legend of the appearance of the Sovereign Icon:
“Knowing the exceptional power of faith and prayer of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and His special reverence for the Mother of God ... we can assume that he was the one who begged the Queen of Heaven to take upon Herself the Supreme Tsar Power. And the Queen of Heaven came to the "House of the Mother of God" prepared for Her by all Russian history at the most difficult moment in the life of God's chosen people. "
All this happened on the very day when Russia was left without the Tsar. The appearance of Her Icon the “Queen of Heaven”, testify that from now in Russia will not be legal earthly Power, that the Queen of Heaven has taken over the succession of power of the Sovereign Russia at the time of the greatest tragedy of the Orthodox people, and now She herself will be the Queen of the Russian land, “and will be praying zealously for it to Her Son and God”.
In 2007 eight new Sovereign icons were painted, and with them in 2007-2008 with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II was made eight rays cross procession "Under the Star of the Mother of God" throughout Russia, in which the editorial staff of the newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya" actively participated.
With the editorial Sovereign Icon in March 2007, the editorial staff, together with the Fund "Andrew Flag", held an automobile cross procession, which prayerfully connected the key points of the sacred geography of Russia: the village “Kolomenskoye”, where the miracle-working Icon of the Sovereign Mother of God which was appeared by the pray of the Tsar, and Pskov station "Dno" , where the conspirators stopped the Tsar's train, stopped the traditional course of Russian history - and this is the most tragic moment of it - having deprived the throne of the last Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II. At the place where the conspirators stopped the Tsar's train, participants of the cross procession set up a four-meter penitential cross.
This is how Andrei Pechersky, editor-in-chief of newspaper “Rus Derzhavnaya”, testifies to this event: “On a tiny piece of land between the railway rails, the shovels was gnawing through the heavy and rocky ground ... And in a few minutes, to the solemn chants of many Orthodox people, the penitential cross was

upwards to a four-meter height. On the crosshair on it, someone managed to securely attach the Icon of the Royal passion-Bearers and the Icon of the Mother of God Sovereign.
This Cross of our repentance was miraculously brought here not by adults, but by children, perhaps the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who in those distant years, with their silent connivance, gave our Tsar to be torn apart. Yes, it is children and grandchildren who atone for the sins of their parents today”.
The Sovereign Icons of that memorial cross procession were streaming myrrh. Participants in the event also noticed one homemade icon. On it, our Emperor looked sadly from the wagon’s window. And suddenly a tear ran out of the Emperor's eye and slowly fell down...
This cross procession "Kolomenskoye - station Dno - Pskov - Kolomenskoye" took place on the worship cross week of the Great Lent on the eve of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the miraculous finding of the Icon of the Holy Mother of God. By the festive liturgy the participants of the cross procession returned to "Kolomenskoye", where our Holiness Patriarch Alexy II was conducted service.
At the end of the divine service, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Derzhavnaya Rus” Andrei Pechersky, on behalf of the participants of the cross procession, presented to His Holiness one of the Icons of the Sovereign Mother of God, who went through the entire procession. At the time of the presentation of the Icon, she again streamed myrrh. His Holiness the Patriarch carefully received the Sovereign image.
In 2017, Russia recalled the centenary of the tragic date - the February State Coup. As a result of the actions of the conspirators, which can rightly be regarded as a national betrayal, Emperor Nicholas II was removed from the Power. This event, which took place in Pskov, changed the course of not only Russian, but also the whole world history. The Russian statehood that had been built for centuries was destroyed; the Russian people took the path of disasters and martyrdom. In the days of the century of this date, the editorial staff of the newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya" again organized a cross procession along the route "Kolomenskoye - station “Dno” - Pskov". In the morning of March 14, 2017, the editorial staff of the newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya" and orthodox missionaries arrived at the place of parking of the Imperial Train captured during the military Coup.
On this day, Metropolitan Evsevius of Pskov and Porkhov performed the ceremony of founding a church in honor of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers at the city station "Dno", from which the suffering way of the last Russian Emperor began.
The miracle-working myrrh-streamed Icon of the Martyr Tsar Nicholas was brought to the ceremony of laying the church by the Head of the Military Orthodox Mission Igor Smykov.
When the Icon of Sovereign Nikolay II was brought into the place of the church being laid, a stream of myrrh appeared over the glass of the icon, on the right side. As if the Emperor himself had shed a tear 100 years after such tragic events.

Participants of the of the Cross procession around the Moscow region, which was held on July 9-10, 2020, prayed in the editorial office of the Orthodox people’s newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya", then went to "Kolomenskoye", the former "Tsarskoe Selo", where the residence of the Moscow Tsars was located for several centuries.
In the Kazan Church, a prayer service was held in front of the All-Russian shrine, the miracle-working Icon of the Mother of God "Derzhavnaya," which was revealed on the tragic day of the abdication of the Emperor Nikolay II Aleksandrovich as a result of a military Coup.
The participants of the Cross procession kissed to the miracle-working Icon of the Sovereign Mother of God, to the Icon of the Archangel Michael, to the miracle- working myrrh-streaming Icon of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas and to the Icon of Holy martyr Harlampius, whom they pray, including in the days of epidemic.
During a prayer in this ancient temple, there was rain outside its walls, and the raindrops pattered on the roof. And the wonderful connection between time and grace was felt by everyone present.
After the end of the prayer and the admonition of the priest, the participants of the Cross route were placed in cars and moved on their way, avoiding Moscow traffic jams.
In Zelenograd, the former center of the electronic industry of the USSR, and now the place where electronic chips are produced, a small stop was made so that orthodox people, monarchists, could pray and kiss to the miracle-working myrrh streamed Icon of the Sovereign and to other shrines of the cross procession.
While the cross procession before the Icons of the Sovereign Mother of God, the Holy Archistrategos Michael, the Leader of the Heavenly Host, the miracle-working myrrh-streaming Icon of Tsar Nikolay, and the Icon of Holy martyr Haralampius, whom the Emperor Paul so much venerated, akathist and prays were being read.
They participated in the Cross: Igor Smykov, president of the "Orthodox Mission for the revival of spiritual values of the Russian people", and Alexei Bakatin, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee for the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the circumnavigation of the world tour by Tsesarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Orthodox People's Newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya" Vladimir Tanakov, photo - correspondent of this newspaper Alexander Zverev and other people who are not indifferent to the fortunes of the Fatherland.
As Igor Smykov explained, "The Cross Procession begins with a blessing. To know the will of God, before the beginning of cross procession the blessing of the spiritual Elders is requested. And such blessing was received.
With the blessing of Elder Shiarchimandrite Elijah, the Cross procession of Moscow and the region along the "Moscow Small Ring" 350 km long was prayerfully dedicated to the fight against the epidemic and the negative phenomena associated with the virus.

During epidemics, the Holy Church called people to repent of their sins. The clergy and pious laity, public prayers and cross processions were performed around cities and villages, and epidemics, by the grace of God, were stopped.
It is also important that the Tsar's Cross procession aroung the Moscow region was held on the eve of the Tsar's Days - memorial days of the Feats of the Holy Tsar Family.
The Elder Nikolai Guryanov spoke of the great importance of honoring the martyr Tsar Nikolay II:
"Tsar Nikolay is an innocent sufferer for the Russian throne entrusted to him by the God. The Tsar is the guardian and the Sovereign of the dear Russia. As tortured the Holy Chosen One, all Russia is covered with countless crosses and suffers, and tormented until it wakes up and comes to its senses".
"The prayer of the holy Tsar Nikolay takes away the wrath of God. We must ask the Tsar that there be no war. He loves and pities Russia. If you knew how he cries for us there! He pleads with God for every one of us and for the whole world. The Tsar cries for us and the people don't think about him... Such lack of misunderstanding and non remorse does not heal the wounds on Russia's body. We must pray, fast, and repent...».
Let us pray before our Great Russian shrines - the Icon of the Mother of God "Sovereign" and the Icon of the Holy Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II.
Holy Mother of God, save us!
Holy Tsar Martyr Nicholas, pray to God for us!
Own information of the Orthodox people’s newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya".

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